The Club

The Ballarat Aero Club had its original foundation in 1928, when it became associated with the Royal Aero Club of Victoria.


It continued on this basis until the start of World War 2 when its activities were curtailed as Ballarat Aerodrome became a training airfield for the Royal Australian Air Force.


During its existence the club has trained some 1500 pilots and the Club has garnered a reputation for excellence and safety.


As well as general students the club currently trains secondary school students to Recreational Pilot's Licence standard under the Victorian Dept of Education VETIS program as part of the Year 11 and 12 Curriculum.


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Why Learn to Fly at BAC?

Because the Ballarat Aero Club has 200 members who are passionate about aviation, many of whom own aircraft.


This means there is a vast amount of knowledge and enthusiasm to assist trainee students and there is a wealth of aviation experience available to trainees.


The members are very willing to share their experience and help new students starting out on their flying careers, whether they be flying for fun or are interested in a professional career.


Many of our students have gone on to enjoy a professional career in Aviation

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Trial Introduction Flights

Start your exciting flying experience today.


Take the controls of the aircraft. For only $119 you can experience the thrill and freedom of flying an aircraft.


Buy a TIF voucher as a present for a friend and let them experience the Freedom of Flight.




CPL Training Starts Soon!

For pilots wishing to undertake their Commercial Pilot Licence, theory classes begin in June. Contact the Club on (03) 5339 1742 for more details


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