Ballarat Aero Club Welcomes all. All you need is an interest in aircraft and you're welcome at the at Ballarat Aero Club. The BAC believes that sharing aviation with people from all walks of life not only makes us better pilots but better people too. So come down to the club and have a look at our aircraft, talk to our instructors or just sit back with the kids and watch the planes come and go.

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Learning to fly

Secondary School Program

The Ballarat Aero Club offers an opportunity for secondary school students to undertake flying training as a part of their school studies. The program enables students to complete the GFPT within school time and also is an excellent pathway for those interested in an aviation career. For more details, click “more” below....

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Recreational Flying (RAA Training)

RAA (Recreational Aircraft Australia) training is the most affordable way to fly. The Club has a Tecnam Sierra and a new Tecnam Bravo - both perfect for RAA training. We have RAA Certified Flying Instructors including Graham (our CFI). Come out to the Club, have a talk to our instructors, look at the aircraft and find out just how affordable learning to fly can be....

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Trial Instructional Flight

Thinking of learning to fly, but not sure? Why not book a Trial Instruction Flight. Our instructor will spend about half an hour explaining how aeroplanes work and how to operate the controls. Then you will be taken on a half hour training flight where you will learn how to operate all the basic controls and fly the aeroplane yourself. Why not give us a call on (03)5339 1742 and book in for a Trial Instruction Flight for just $99. A Trial Instruction Flight (TIF) voucher makes a great present Birthday or Christmas present for someone special

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General Aviation Training

Whether for business, pleasure or for a career (you can obtain your Commercial Pilot Licence at Ballarat Aero Club) flying is a fascinating and rewarding activity. Learning to fly will be one of the greatest achievements of your life. A Private Pilot Licence will allow you to fly aeroplanes anywhere in Australia and, if you wish, your passengers can share the cost of the flight with you. Learning to fly involves a lot more than learning to drive, but it does not require any special abilities or education standards....

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Club Logbook

The Ballarat Advantage

Ballarat Aero Club can train pilots up Commercial Pilot (CPL) level. We DO NOT advertise learning to fly for a fixed number of hours, or fixed cost, as these can vary with many factors. Our programs are tailored to each individual student to provide them with the best possible outcome for the the lowest possible cost. For extra information, click on "more" below....

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Choice of Aircraft

The Ballarat Aero Club's has a wide range of aircraft available for learning or for hire by club members. We have both high wing and low wing General Aviation and Recreational Aviation aircraft. Our fleet includes a Cessna 152, a Cessna 172, a Piper Warrior, a Tecnam Sierra and a Tecnam Bravo. A Piper Arrow is also available through the club....

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Duty Pilots Needed

One of the more enjoyable tasks at the Ballarat Aero Club is acting as the Duty Pilot on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The Duty Pilot's role is to facilitate the smooth running of the office and hangar, with the added bonus of meeting visitors from Ballarat, and from all over Australia. The Club shows it's appreciation to the Duty Pilots by crediting their Club account with a small amount for their day's work. We're always looking for new volunteers for Duty Pilots, so if you feel you can volunteer your time then contact the club administrator on (03) 5339 1742...

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Upcoming Events


Comps are now being held on the last Sunday each month. Lunch at 12:00, Comps at 2:00 pm. All PPL Pilots are most welcome to partcipate. All family and friends are encouraged to come for a meal and watch the comps.

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On-Line Booking

The Ballarat Aero Club's uses an on-line booking system so members can log on and book aircraft and instructors from their home computer, or even from their smart phone.  There is a waiting list function and a drop down calendar to facilitate quick navigation through the calendar. The system is proving to be very efficient and almost all members are now using it. For more information and to access the system, click on "more" below or "Online Bookings" above

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Ballarat Aero Club Fly-Aways

Each year the Ballarat Aero Club organises a number of Fly-Aways for members and their families. Members are advised to keep an eye on this website and check the Newsletter for details. The Club also texts and emails members about upcoming Fly-Aways. Click on "more" below for information on upcoming Fly-Aways....

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