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Get up in the skies!

Learn to Fly

At BAC we are dedicated to training pilots for a challenging and satisfying
career in commercial aviation, or just flying for recreation.
We know how strong the ambition to fly can be and we've been putting people like you in the cockpit of aeroplanes since 1962.

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Who can learn to fly

You don't need any special skills or abilities to obtain your Pilot Licence, just a desire to learn how to fly. There is no minimum age to learn to fly, however, you must be 15 years of age to fly solo. You must also speak, understand and be able to read and write in English, and pass a pilot medical examination. 

For the medical, disabilities such as poor eyesight i.e. you need glasses, hearing difficulties, colour blindness or even physical limitations may not necessarily or automatically disqualify you. 

BAC can supply you with a list of local, suitably qualified doctors who will assess whether you are physically and mentally capable of performing the duties of a pilot. 


Ballarat Aero Club offers a complete range of flying courses in both General Aviation (GA) and RAAus, from beginners to Commercial Pilot Licence.   

Getting Your Wings 

Learning to fly with Ballarat Aero Club can be the realisation of an exciting hobby or the first step toward a rewarding career in aviation, how far you go is up to you. 

The four basic stages in pilot training are; 

1. Student Pilot 

  • Learning to fly.

  • First solo

  • First area solo 


2. Recreational Private Pilot Licence 

  • Passenger Carrying Endorsement - Allows you to fly up to 25 nm from your departure point. 


3. Private Pilot Licence 

  • Navigation training means you can fly to far off places. 


4. Commercial Pilot Licence 

  • First of the Professional Pilot Licences. 


BAC conducts courses in all four stages of pilot training and offers specific guidance in all the different ratings and endorsements you can obtain. 

Some of the endorsements include; 

  • Night Visual Flight Rating - enables you to fly at night under visual flight conditions 

  • Constant Speed Propeller and Retractable undercarriage endorsement 

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