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Student Pilot

Before you get up in the air

Flight training at BAC can be conducted in either a Cessna152 /Cessna172 or a Piper Warrior PA-28. 

Constant Speed Retractable Endorsement and most commercial training is conducted in a Piper Arrow.


All training can be undertaken either part or full-time. Tell us what your requirements are and we will time-table a course to suit. 


Times taken for various courses vary depending on weather, your progress, to name two.

Listed below are approximate times to complete each licence full time from start to finish.

If you are completing the course part time, the time taken to complete each licence, will depend on how often you fly.


Ground Theory 

Ground theory refers to study undertaken on the ground rather than in the air and is an integral part of flying training. 

As you proceed through your training you will have to pass written and oral examinations connected with the stage of flying that you are at. 


BAC offers you two different options to study the relevant subjects; 

  • Courses - both part and full time. Varying periods and costs depending on subject 

  • Private Tuition - one to one with an experienced tutor 

You can also get access to our exclusive discount with our pilot supply partner Flightswitch, who can supply all your equipment to get up in the sky. 

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